What We Do

Public Relations: BC Marketing Concepts serves the client’s requirements, such as public relations, stakeholder engagements, press launches, and media relations. We assist brands and personalities in delivering their stories to their audience and dispel misconceptions by clarifying their messaging. By developing stories and content that are high-quality, we ensure getting published in traditional and new media.

  • PR strategy and marketing concepts
  • Development of stories
  • Presscon management
  • Media relations
  • Stakeholder management
  • Community relations

Marketing Consultancy: We help your brand to achieve its goals by carefully providing you a strategy that will create maximum impact.

  • Development of a 360° marketing strategy for market launches or to achieve goals of the brand/personality

Influencer Marketing:  Connecting your brand to different influencers to help increase awareness and become your brand ambassadors.

  • Increasing brand awareness by identifying people who will be able to share their experience thru word-of-mouth, social media posts, videos, and blogs.

Event Management and On-Ground Activation: To achieve your campaign objectives, BC Marketing Concepts helps you create a memorable experience for your target audience. Our events generate buzz and take over multiple mediums that add to the experience of the market. We also develop events for internal stakeholders that will help achieve the company’s vision.

  • Trade shows, media, and product launches, conferences, sports events, corporate Christmas parties, and special events
  • Development of event concept, staging, and implementation




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